Trash Cat is an educational project developed in TecnoLab La Rueca for I Make 4 My City 2019, an international challenge organized by Orange Foundation where many Fab Labs develop projects around one topic: sustainable development in our everyday life.

Trash Cat consists of a web-based video game used during workshops that helps to raise awareness of recycling among young children. In the game, a cat collects different kinds of trash, which gives a different amount of points depending on how polluting the objects are. This way, the players learn about the different recycling categories, and they put their new skills into practice cleaning the neighborhood.

In order to develop the project, a group was formed with some of the most active participants of TecnoLab. I was responsible for teaching them visual programming and vector design and then supervising the teams in charge of those parts of the game.

Team testing the beta version of the game

All the tools used during the design process are open-source, being mainly Scratch and Inkscape. The game is available online and its code and designs can be remixed and adapted.

Trash Cat gameplay

Trash Cat was selected as one of the finalists in the I Make 4 My City 2019 and we had the chance to present it to the rest of Fab Labs that participated in the challenge.