Stoyries is an experimental social project developed in collaboration with architect Aida Navarro, creative María Talaverano and many great volunteers. The idea behind Stoyries is to create stories using twin plane toys as the main element, connecting people from all around the world.

Stoyries plane #i148 traveling in the south of Spain

In order to do that, we manufacture and customize toy planes using 3D printing, having each one a unique number on the bottom. Each plane is given to a different person, which travels with it or gives it to someone they meet during their adventures. Then, the plane status and location is updated in the Stoyries website, where you can find where the plane has been and who owns it.

Stoyries plane visiting Perth (Australia)

The first 50 planes were delivered in an event in 2015, where all of them were adopted. We have also had the chance to be part of the Verkami event in Matadero Madrid, and we have also collaborated with TEDxUPValència designing and manufacturing Stoyries planes for their TED event attendants.

Stoyries plane given to all the TEDxUPValència attendants

As part of our social commitment, we have worked with different NGO and associations such as Aspanion and Solidarity Now.

With Aspanion (Asociación de Padres y Madres de Niños con Cáncer de la Comunitat Valenciana) we created a twin plane collection where one person adopted a twin set of planes, where one of them was donated to hospitalized children. This way, two different people could connect and create a story together.

With Solidarity Now, an NGO based in Greece that works with refugees, we launched a crowdfunding campaign thanks to which we were able to personally deliver more than one hundred Stoyries planes to children that were in refugee camps.

Since the project started years ago, hundreds of planes have been delivered and are currently traveling, and more will come in the future.