Plastic Smoothie is a personal recycling project that starts as an answer to the plastic waste created in maker spaces, Fab Labs, schools, and universities. The project has a very simple goal: to give plastic waste a new life.

This project takes the Precious Plastic initiative as a starting point, but with some differences, such as the social approach through accessibility.

Shredded plastic waste obtained from 3D printed objects

What makes this project unique is that Plastic Smoothie revolves around three ideas:

  • Accessible: most of or all of the tools, designs and resources used during the recycling process must be accessible, open and affordable.
  • Creative: using digital tools and software, such as 3D printing and laser cutting, we are able to find new and creative ways to recycle plastic waste.
  • Scalable: thanks to an accessible, easy and creative process, this project can be scaled and the process adopted in schools, maker spaces and places with low resources.
Plastic Smoothie stage 1: laser cut collection
Lasercut coasters made with recycled plastic

The processes can be adopted no matter the resources available, as Plastic Smoothie uses mainly electrical appliances which have a low cost and can be found (almost) everywhere.

Plastic Smoothie workshops have been organized in collaboration with institutions such as Universidad Europea de Madrid, ESD Madrid and Espacio Open. Also, this project has been supported by Wasp Iberia, La Rueca Asociación, Patreon supporters and many more.

Plastic Smoothie workshop at Universidad Europea de Madrid

All the resources, such as tutorials, tips, and designs, are available online, and everyone can make their own plastic smoothies and be part of this project.