Fillamentum is a high-quality 3D printing filament manufacturer based in the Czech Republic. They needed a mascot that reflects their love and attention for the filaments they produce, so we created Filla Fella, a design that offers their customers new ways to experience their materials and 3D printing.

Filla Fella printed by the Fillamentum team

As a filament manufacturer, they visit many events such as Maker Faire, where visitors interact with their products. The simple design of the mascot gives Fillamentum the opportunity to easily 3D print and give away samples during the events, helping them showcase their range of materials.

Timelapse of Filla Fella’s 3D printing process

Filla Fella can be downloaded for free, and it also works as a blank canvas, giving every creative mind the chance to modify it and make their own version. This way, Filla Fella acts also as an educational resource, being a great starting point when learning 3D modeling and printing.

Filla Fella remix collection designed by kids during a short workshop