BQ Readers is one of the major tech companies in Spain. We worked together creating collections for their latest 3D printer, the BQ Witbox Go.

As a smart 3D printer with a minimalist look and an intuitive interface, we decided to focus on items that enhanced the experience and showed to the users the infinite possibilities of 3D printing.

The Drawing Collection consists of different drawing tools such as spirographs or connectors to hold many pencils together.

Close-up of the spirograph (Drawing Collection)
Spirograph (Drawing Collection)

Then, the Neko Baking Collection offers a cat-themed baking set, which includes a modular rolling pin and different cookie cutters.

Neko Baking Collection
Cat face cookie cutter (Neko Baking Collection)
Cat paw cookie cutter (Neko Baking Collection)
Modular rolling pin (Neko Baking Collection)

All these items are optimized to be 3D printed on the BQ Witbox Go, and they can be downloaded here.